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Sureshot give you all of the tools you need to create great looking email campaigns. What’s more, it all runs in your web browser so you can access it from anywhere and there’s no need to download any additional software!

Create and Send Great Looking Emails

Create and Send Great Looking Emails

We can design a bespoke email template using your logo and branding. Once that's set up, it's easy for you to create and send your own campaigns. Just add in your content and pictures using our visual editing tools - no need to worry about messing up your email design. So whether you want to send a newsletter, a product update or details of your latest offers, Sureshot makes it easy to send high quality email campaigns.

Easy Management of Email Lists and Subscribers

Easy Management of Email Lists and Subscribers

Keeping track of your subscribers can be a pain, so let Sureshot do it all for you. By handling bounces and unsubscribes automatically, we let you focus on the important stuff. It's easy to set up as many different lists as you need so you can target your campaigns to specific audiences too. We can also help you to create a sign up form for your website to capture new subscribers.

Powerful Analytics and Campaign Statistics

Powerful Analytics and Campaign Statistics

Sureshot gives you access to a comprehensive suite of real-time reporting tools so you can measure the effectiveness of your campaigns. See which recipients opened your emails, which links they clicked, and even what email client they were using. Simply login to your account to view the reports. All of this information is updated in real-time too, so you can track your campaign as soon as you send it. You can then use this data to fine-tune your future campaigns.

Everything you need for successful email marketing campaigns and email newsletters.

Pay As You Send

Our simple pricing model means that you only pay for campaigns as you send them.

Simple Editing Tools

Creating your own emails is easy using the Sureshot WYSIWYG editor.

Social Media Integration

Let your customers share your news with support for Twitter and Facebook. Spread the word!

Schedule Email Campaigns

Set up your campaigns to send at any time of the day or night and weeks in advance.

Works In Your Browser

No need to download or install any extra software as it all works from your web browser.

Personalise Your Email Newsletters

Our customisation options let you personalise your emails to each of your recipients.

No Technical Knowledge Needed

Our simple tools mean that you can create great email campaigns with no programming knowledge.

Track Link Clicks

Find out what your subscribers are interested in, which links were popular and who clicked on what.

Easy Import and Export

Import and export your email listsand report data to Excel for offline storage and further analysis.

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